7 Amazing Chrome Extensions For SEO (All FREE)

​I have played a number of roles in the web design ​space but the aspect of web that interests me the most is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I enjoy the research, the technical elements and more so, the game. It does not take long as a web designer to learn that building great websites means very little if you can’t ​get the traffic to your site. As an SEO, you invest a lot of dollars into SEO Tools, you invest a lot of time in research and even more time ​putting it into action. Time and resources that most website owners can’t afford.

Fortunately, ​the​re are a number of very powerful SEO resources right at our fingertips that many people do not know about. All of the ​SEO tools ​in my list below are used by professionals, some more than others and ​for different purposes but the great news is, they are all free (​some of them do have premium ​upgrades but are totally fine to use with their free features).

Even better news, these free tools are all Chrome Extensions that are easily added to your Google Chrome Browser Toolbar. If one of the SEO extensions interests you, just use the links that are provided below. Three of the extensions are available in Firefox – I have also included those links for your convenience.

Let me know in the comments how you go. Maybe, you were using ​some of these already and ​maybe you can recommend ​others that I have not included? Keen to hear your thoughts!


Seriously, this extension is free? I have spent a lot of money on Keyword SEO Tools that do not do half as much as this tool. It is at your fingertips in your Chrome Browser (and also Firefox!).

Keyword Everywhere can also collate search volume data, CPC and competition data onto the screen of numerous keyword research tools such as Google Search, Soolve, UberSuggest, Google Analytics and more. You can also access keyword metrics for any keywords you choose and then download the list in Excel, CSV or PDF file formats.

Find out more at https://keywordseverywhere.com/ or download the extension via the Chrome Web Store. Also available on Firefox.


Combined with Keywords Everywhere above, why do we even need to buy SEO Tools these days? No seriously, these extensions may not match the All in One capabilities of SEM Rush or Mangools’ SEO Toolkit but they are certainly viable alternatives for those just dabbling in SEO occasionally or do not have any budget for SEO tools.

You only need to look at the screenshots below to get an idea of the capability of Open SEO Stats. Simply go to any web page you want to analyse and click on the extensions’s icon on your menu bar. Now you have every detail from Search Engine Indexes, Traffic stats, Site information, Backlink stats, page speed and general onpage SEO analysis. One of my favourites!

Find out more at http://pagerank.chromefans.org/ or download the extension via the Chrome Web Store.


SEOptimer is a premium SEO product that offers a free ‘Home Page’ only SEO extension which will often meet your needs. The level of detail is excellent and it clearly layouts the information into easily digestible chunks as you can see in the diagram below. SEOptimer provides recommendations for the page with varying priority.

When you click on the extension’s icon it opens onto a new tab showing you an analysis of everything from your usual technical/onpage/content SEO to Usability, Performance, Social, Security and Technology.

Find out more at https://www.seoptimer.com/ or download the extension via the Chrome Web Store.


LinkMiner by Point Blank SEO is a super easy tool to use to search for broken links. We all now that broken links are not good for SEO so it is important we fix them as soon as we can. In fact, checking broken links is all that I use LinkMiner for but that alone is worth a spot on my toolbar.

Click the extension icon on your toolbar and LinkMiner gets to work immediately by counting all the working links and identifying the broken links. Now all you have to do is correct, remove or redirect your links.

You can connect to accounts with the usual SEO big players like Ahrefs, Majestic & MOZ accounts for additional analyis but I am yet to have a need to do that…yet.

Find out more at http://pointblankseo.com/linkminer or download the extension via the Chrome Web Store.

​​​5. ​​​​MOZBAR

Mozbar, like SEOptimer provides a free SEO extension browser bar with a range of functionality but ultimately limited. Like SEOQuake (My favourite – No. 7 Below), the Mozbar sits as a banner across the top of your browsing window displaying Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA) and also the Spam Score of the page.

By clicking the search icon on the MozBar a dropdown will appear with various OnPage and Link SEO metrics as well as elements of Technical SEO and performance.

Find out more at https://moz.com/products/pro/seo-toolbar or download the extension via the Chrome Web Store.


I wish I had room in my budget for a premium SimilarWeb account but unfortunately I don’t but this is the next best thing. SimilarWeb is one of the best tools for competitive analyis amongst other features.

The Extension (Chrome & Firefox) is excellent if you need traffic stats including traffic source breakdowns, engagement stats, geolocation stats, social sources – this is one powerful extension. Analyse your competitors, find the gaps and improve your site.

Find out more at https://www.similarweb.com/website/chrome-extension-downloader.com or download the extension via the Chrome Web Store. Also available on Firefox.

7. ​​​​​​​SEOQUAKE

​​I have saved the best for last – I love SEOQuake – it has been around forever and it was the first SEO extension I ever used and STILL use. The best thing is you can ​integrate directly ​with your SEMRush account to get even more data. ​You don’t even need to be on a paid plan with SEMRush, it works on ​a free ​account also. If you already have an SEMRush account, great, just enter your credentials via the backlinks tab in SEOQuake.

If you don’t have an SEMRush account, ​just start a 7 day free trial ​by clicking the button below. At the end of the 7 days just opt back to the free account and away you go. If you like SEMRush as much as I do and decide to stay then fantastic. You will find that their lowest tier – the Pro account is all most people will need unless you are a professional SEO or run an agency. You can always upgrade if you need to. Start low, work high.

Find out more at https://www.seoquake.com/index.html or download the extension via the Chrome Web Store. Also available on Firefox.

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