7 Reasons Why I Only Use Namecheap to Purchase Domain Names

Honesty is the best policy… so let me be honest right from the start.  I actually use two domain registrars.

As an exception, I use Crazy Domains for Australian and New Zealand TLDs (e.g. com.au, net.au, org.au, co.nz etc) as they have proven to be the most reliable and affordable Australian registrar I have been with the past few years and believe me, if you told me five years ago that I would say that about Crazy Domains one day, then I would have told you that you have rocks in your head.

…the other of course is Namecheap, which I proudly use for at least 90% of all other TLDs that I own – mostly .com, .net & .org.  At the time of writing this post I have about 60 domains.

I have been with more registrars in the past 10 years than you can count on three hands and as of early 2017 I transferred almost everything to Namecheap

What is a TLD (Top Level Domain)?

For those who may not know, TLD stands for Top Level Domain and is the last portion of the domain name structure (and highest hierarchical position).  For many domains it is a gTLD (Generic TLD) like .com, .net and so on.  For other domains it can be a ccTLD (Country Code TLD) such as .au or .nz.

Here are the 7 reasons why I transferred nearly all of my domains to Namecheap and why I choose to stay:


Namecheap’s pricing is consistently low across the board. 

So, let me be completely transparent. 

I am NOT saying that Namecheap is the cheapest domain registrar or is always the cheapest, they can be for certain TLDs at certain times but it is a competitive market out there. 

What I like about Namecheap is that although they have cheap incentives to get you onboard, there is no shock and horror when the price does return to a standard price after the discount period has run its course – usually 12 months. 

Unlike another domain provider that I will not mention (begins with a G) who practically give domain names away and then charge you near double the price you would pay elsewhere after the honeymoo period… and they are certainly not noted for their support – I say that with a lot of unfortunate experience.

2. Domains are their Bread & Butter

They are primarily a domain registrar and I treat them as such.  Consequently, none of my domain names are with the same business I host with.  I’ve got a whole other article about that coming soon.

3. Intuitive Domain Search Tool

Great User Friendly search tool that not only shows the TLD you have requested but all other options as well whether they are taken, available or sold as premium.

4. Large Choice of Domain TLDs

They offer a ginormous list of gTLDs (Generic TLD), ccTLDs (Country Code TLDs e.g. .us, .uk, .co) and YES .co is a ccTLD.  CO is for Columbia but it is globally accepted as a reference to company.  Namecheap also have a wide range of Vanity TLDs.  Vanity TLDs are technically gTLDs but more often than not refer to a specific genre or business e.g. .club, .mobile, .pizza etc).  It is not often I venture into the vanity TLD space but I have occasionally purchased vanity TLDs for clients and maybe one for my mother’s gardening .club)

5. User Friendly Dashboard

Namecheap’s dashboard is by far the simplest and most user friendly dashboard for a domain provider that I have used.  I can control all aspects of domain management without the need to engage support. 

From managing your DNS & redirections to managing and protecting your domain contact information.  It is all there, laid out in front of you.

6. Excellent Service & Support

Their support team is on a par with Siteground.  For a budget solution their support is brilliant and available 24-7 through web chat.  The very few times I have had to make contact they were proactive, friendly and followed up with my issue. 

Namecheap also have a very detailed, easy to understand Knowledge base that will also come in handy from time to time.

7. Great Referral Program

Namecheap have a great referral program for any of you into affiliate marketing or have a web design business where you are often asked by clients to refer a reliable domain registrar.

Find out more information about Namecheap’s affiliate program.


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That's Not All...


I have also been impressed with Namecheap’s blog – I don’t subscribe to their email as my inbox is chaotic enough as it is but I do follow them on Facebook and often find myself drawn to their articles as they are often relevant and informative.

Do you use Namecheap?  If so, let me know your thoughts in the comments.  Alternatively, if there is another domain registrar that you swear by, let me know, I’d be keen to hear why you choose them.

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