7 Best Sites for FREE Stock Photos


Pixabay is my first stop for your generic stoke like photos. Their library is extensive and also includes Photos, illustrations, Vectors and Videos. Pixabay states on its website that you are able to copy, modify, distribute and use the images without asking for permission from the artist or giving credit to the artist. These terms also apply to commercial use.

As with all stock images, you need to be mindful of content protected by trademarks, publicity or privacy rights. Read the Terms here.


Unsplash was one of the first free photo websites that I used and is my go to site when I need photos with an artier edge. It is very popular with designers and freelancers and with all good reason. Unsplash gives permission to download, copy, modify, distribute, perform, and use photos from Unsplash for free and this includes commercial use. It is appreciated if the photographer is given credit but it is a requirement. Unsplash’s terms does not include the right to use the photos on a similar or competing service. Goes without saying really. Read the Terms here.


Freerange offers free photos as per all of the sites on this list but I am mostly impressed by Freerange’s selecti of illustrations, including the flat design I personally like to use in my work.  Freerange allows you to use use images for most purposes, whether it is commercial or non-commercial. However, you are not permitted to sell, redistribute, or relicense the photos.You are not permitted to sell products whose value is primarily driven by the image, this includes selling the images as they are nor as part of printed products. Read the Licensing Terms here.


StockSnap uses the CC0 license for all of the images on its site. In a nutshell, this means you can use the image as it is, or alternatively alter the image, for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. You are also not required to attribute the work to the creator of the image nor seek permission to use the image. You are not permitted to use the image/s as an endorsement of the creator or person or product in the image. Read the Licensing Terms here.


Pexels photos are licensed under the CC0 license.  Pexel further clarifies that the photos are completely free and can be used for any legal purpose, including personal and commercial use.  You also have permission to modify the images, copy and distribute, without seeking permission from the creator nor given attribution.

The only restriction is that any person identifiable in a photo can not be portrayed in a negative light or in a manner they may find offensive, unless consent has been given. Also ensure the content (logos, trademarks, products etc.) doesn’t breach or infringe any rights. Read the Licensing Terms here.

negative space

Negative Space provides all photos for download under the CC0 license . This allow you to use, copy, edit, or share their photos for both personal or commercial purposes. You can do so without purchase, permission, or giving attribution to the creator of the work. Negative Space encourages attribution of the photography but it is not a requirement. Read the CC0 License here.


PicJumbo takes free photos to the next level.  Where else can you download every image at once – yes, all 1500+ of them!  The photographer and creator of PicJumbo, Viktor Hanacek, says he created the free photo site to make the internet a more beautiful place.  Read Viktor’s story here.Each photo can be used for free, commercially but respect registered trademarks and brands.  PicJumbo also states that the photos can be used in templates or articles (HTML, PSD, PPT etc) that you sell but accreditation is appreciated.  However, you can not sell the photos as they are. Read the FAQs & Terms here.

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